Dashboards and Saddlebags 
the Destination Magazine™
is now simply the Destination Magazine™ You will now silently float to our page.


Affluent and Active

Our readers or  “Mototourists” are looking for things to do. They are active and have the desire and discretionary income to pursue  life. Are these your target customers?


Shelf Life Longer than a Twinkie

Our stories are about destinations not only events. People will read about a destination and keep Dashboards and Saddlebags the Destination Magazine™  around for future reference. Your ad gets viewed and viewed again!.


Don’t Spray & Pray

Dashboards and Saddlebags the Destination Magazine™ is placed at locations mototourists visit. We don’t mail to 20,000 homes and hope it makes it past the junk mail. Spend your marketing dollars with precision.


Penny Pincher

Being cost effective to produce and distribute means more views for each marketing $ you spend. NO charge for design. No charge for web placement.


Just Passin’ Through

Available in NC State, Local and County Visitor Information Centers as well as hotels and regional events. If travelers are your target take notice.


It’s a Wonderful Web

At no additional cost your ad is in our mobile, tablets and desktop e-dition.  5 Years of Dashboards and Saddlebags in your pocket!

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